Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lester Carl Christopher 1941
This year on August 5, Dad,  Lester Carl Christopherwill be 100 years old!  We thank you dad, for our very lives..and the lives of our children and grand-children..for you we are deeply grateful. 

          WITH LOVE from  Goldie Jean(Christopher ) Indreland families and
Lana and Goldie Christopher  1950
 Lana Marie(Christopher) Rankin families.

Goldie Indreland and Lana Rankin 2010
Dad you now have: Nine Grandchildren and so far eighteen great grandchildren! 
Goldie, Dean and Rory Indreland   1980
Dean's family, Karen, Kelsey, Kaitlyn, Wyatt in 2013
Rory's family: Mary, Abby, Owen, Ely in 2013
Bill and Lana Rankin  1973

Rankin children in 2010  yougest to oldest
 Chris  Mike  Becca, Sara, Tina. Emma, Eva
Dave and Eva Wruck

Aaron and Emma Grigg  Amy Timothy Melanie David

TJ and Sara Bingham    Hannah   Troy   Edan

Tina and John Cheney  James and Lizzy
Aaron and Becca Bell    Liam  Colby  Hali    2013

Mike Rankin

Chris Rankin
-In Dad's honor, we are asking any relatives that have pictures of him to please send copies to Lana or Goldie so that we can post them on the Chrisotpher Blog in August.  
Also, our goal this year 2014 is to post mini biographies of all his brothers and sisters.  We are hoping if you are children and grandchildren of his siblings, would you write down your greatest memories of your parents/grandparents and send them to Goldie or Lana along with any pictures to share.  Thank you and  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Here are some of my favorite Christmas pictures and quotes.  MERRY CHRISTMAS to friends and family I love dearly.

(drawing  by Goldie Indreland)

  Each of us is an innkeeper and we decide if there is room for Jesus.” ---Neal A. Maxwell
Claar Family
                                    Part of painting by Joseph Brinkley.

“What a glorious and wonderful season of the year this is.  Our hearts change.  Our attitudes change.  Our way of thinking changes.  There is a little more forgiveness in us.  A little more of  kindness.  A little more of love.  A little more of patience.  A little more of understanding at the Christmas season of the year.”  ---Gordon B. Hinckley

“Christmas time is a glorious time of happy friendliness and unselfish sacrifice.  The wise men brought Him gold and frankincense.  He gave them, and all their fellow mortals, resurrection, salvation and eternal life.”  --Spencer W. Kimball

“Without Christ there would be no Christmas, and without Christ there can be no fullness of joy…  Only by emulating Him and adhering to His eternal truth can we realize peace on earth and good will toward all….He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.” ---Ezra Taft Benson

“Therefore the Lord himself shall gtive you a sign;Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”  --Isaiah 7:14

“To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.” –John 18:37

Postcard by Hallmark I have had for a long time.

Precious Moments Nativity 

Monday, August 12, 2013


Many months ago I announced our move to Caldwell Idaho (see previous postings)  and now I can gratefully say that most of the unpacking is finsihed and I am settled for the most part.  Now I plan on spending my free time to post family history on the blog and share the information I have with the Christopher Camp.

I am encouraged to renew this effort  after reading an article in Reader's Digest (September Issue):THE STORIES THAT BIND US  and the subtitle:  STRONG FAMILIES KNOW AND TEACH THE NEXT GENERATION THEIR HISTORIES.  I agree with the author and have always felt that sharing family history stories is important for family unity and communication.  Now I can add that research shows: "The single most important thing you can do for your family it seems, is to develop a strong family narrative."
" Holidays, vacations, big famiy get-togethers,....retelling stories of best moments and challenges that show ability to bounce back...may increase the odds that your family will thrive...."

So announcing the come back of family history..dates, places, old and new...coming to this blog this month!

Thanks for your patiences while I moved to a new location, retired, and  set up office space so I can be ready to research and share.  Please send back by email any news you wish me to include for everyone to see....

Love to all,


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Announcement: Moving North!

Announcing Lana's retirement May 24..2013 and moving date  June 1

New Address:  2902 Autumn Gold Drive.  Caldwell, Idaho  83605

Now I will be so much closer to my children, grandchildren and cousins!  

Most of all-  I will have the time I want to spend on returning to blogging and family history research.  I have so much to little time, but wanted everyone to know that I will
be devoting time now to the Christopher Camp Blog Site.  As soon as my computer is set up in Idaho, I will be sending another blog post.  To keep in touch, use: and plan to stop by and visit whenever you are in the Boise area.  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013



To begin the new year I want to share with you a long letter written in 1931 by our grandmother Inga and grandfather Carl.  I  have the original, now on yellowed binder paper, in their own handwriting.  Although I can't remember who gave it to me, it is a treasure that might soon fade with age.  So I am rewriting it as best I can, interpreting where I can, words I am unsure of.  I am not correcting the spelling or punctuation errors to best portray the actual letter. (I made a few spelling correcttions where it was necessary to understand the intention)  I have chosen two different fonts as close as I could come to the original handwriting style of each of them.  I hope you enjoy the letter as I am sure it was part of the original round robin letters started, I think by Thelma  Olsen.  The letter shares information about each of the Christopher kids in 1931. If anyone out there has other letters in this series, that  could be shared with all of us, let me know and I can put those on the blog as well.  If you want to see the orginal, I can try to scan it, but its very hard to read.  You can come visit me though and see the orginal plus other artifacts I have, pictures, etc. you might also enjoy.

Medina, North Dakota,  March 29, 1931
Dear Mother, Sisters, and Brothers,
Received the letters Friday.  Enjoyed them very much, sorry to hear you been sick Gus hope you soon will be well again, your being lucky to get along with out a doctor’s care for so long.  You have a nice little store. The snaps were so good, but you sure look different then when I seen you last  and Bessie is nearly as fat as I am     I think  she must eat to much ice cream.  Thank you Thelma for writing.  it was just as good as getting a letter from you.  It must be a pleasant place to live out there in winter.  ..may be hot in the summer.  Ive been having a very nice winter till last week had a real old time blizzard.  it is warming up a little now.  We had a lot of snow in November there never was so much snow in Medina that I now of, we had to do some skraping hear too.  Jan and Feb were nice so the winter did not seam so long.
Well, Mary, I was sure glad to see the picture of you and William.  You both look happy.  Your letter was very interesting.  I wish I could write letters like the rest.  Well I must write about the children.  I have not any pictures that was taken lately, but will have some next round.
Glen Arthur was 27 last Jan 7   had 1 ½ high school.  He did not want to teach so did not finish He is a farmer  has farmed Mrs Gleason’s a few years.  Has his own Ford and a partnership tractor with Carl.  He has worked in a garage, run tractors etc.  Now he has landed that carrier job  Will carry the mail on Monday Wednesday and Friday’s. a Star Route west of town.  Will commence April 1st so I don’t think he will farm this year. 
Alfred Clifford was 24 March 24 born on Palm Sunday.  He finished the 8th grade when he was 14 been working in farm mostly also training horses.  He worken now the Equity Creamery at Jamestown from June 1 till Dec 19 when he got sick with Rheumatism abut the same as he had twice before  he was in bed two weeks this time so it was not so bad as before  anyway he has gone out west again now .  had a chance to work in the creamery this spring   he think it is to damp there   likes to be out doors in the sunshine so he is trying something els again  he is at Buffalo, S. Dak now.
Roy Willard is nex was 20 last Aug  He finished Medina High School in 1928 also had 3 months at the A.C. at Fargo worked for the Bell Telephone Co about 3 months, was out in the storm last fall..they had the crew tied together with a long rope. Ther truck got staled and they had to walk three miles back to town  that was near Lamore(?) N. Dak.  He has work on farm and out threshing in the fall, was to Edgar Neb last year. He want to go to small colage as soon as he can. Should have before but been rambling around to much.
Ruth Lillian was 18, August 10th so you see Roy and her are twins but 2 years apart.  Ruth will finish high school this spring. She is going to take up nursing   is going to train in Bismark N. Dak.  May not till next fall. 
The twins, Lauren Ivan and Lester Carl were 16 last Aug they are healthy and strong  have worked out some.  They should go to high school but I guess they will be just plain farmers.
Kenneth Orvin was 14 last Sept 7  I think Bessie remembers that when she was trying to be at two places at once   Kenneth finished the 8th grade at xmas time had  had just one study History  so just went  1 day   he is the only one in the family that got black hair.
Otto Vernon was 12 Dec. 19 and is an all around big help where he is needed the most. When Ruth is not home, he helps me peel spuds, etc.  he is in 6th grade.
Robert Norman is 10 years old today  is not much for work  yet can do quite a few things anyway  he is the 4th at school.
Doris Ester will be 8 years June 10 is growing tall and slim  she is in 3rd grade at school.
Donald Edwin will be 6  Sept 10 and then he starts to school.  He is a healthy boy and quite large for his age.  Was sick a week or so this winter with kind of a flu  the rest of us had it to 
(Well that is the bunch) Hear is some news  George Kapp was married to Mrs. Albert Bast two weeks ago.  Gus and Mary remembers him  he lived south of town near his brother Willis. And now his wife has a nice farm too and he is happier still   she is a real jolly woman  so they should get along just fine.  Kletts store burned this winter  he has started a store again in BucksWater Hotel on the south side where she had the restaurant.
Well I started to write news and forgot to tell my age.  I am 48(born June 28, 1882)  Carl was 55 on March 20.
 I hope mother gets this for Mother’s Day    think it would please her more than anything else we could send. 
I guess I did not write down the year the children were born so here it is:
Glen Arthur  Jan 7, 1904
Alfred Clifford March24, 1907
Roy Willard  August 10, 1910
Ruth Lillian  August 10, 1912
Lauren Ivan  August 5, 1914
Lester Carl   August 5, 1914
Kenneth Orvin   Sept 7, 1916
Robert Norman  March 29, 1921
Doris Esther  June 10, 1923
Donald Edwin  Sept 10, 1925
I hope this will find everybody well and that we all will write a letter even if there is so many blots as I made.  I think I will have to get a new pen 
Love to all from Inga and Carl

I will write a few lines   I own big farm in N.D. doing a small business at a loss    mostly the depression has hit us right and I think I will have to get a jack and see if I can jack up the price of farm produce  have enjoyed this letter from all of you  I will say that it is a good idea  sorry to hear that your health is not so good, Gus and hope that you will be OK by the time (this) gets to you.  I also hope that I will be able to get out in that country some day altho it does not look much like it at this time  My little wife has told you about everything here so I will stop right here.      Yours     Carl

Sunday, September 9, 2012


SUNDAY, JULY 8, 2012   Many Christopher Families enjoyed family reunion at Goldie Indreland's Place up Grant Creek in Missoula.  The following pictures show some of the people that were there.  Hope you enjoy looking at these and look forward to coming next time.

Libby, Charlotte, Donna
Mike, Chris, Becca, Sara, Tina, Emma, Eva
Travis Dawn, Michael, Autumn, Riley
Resena and Samara
Faye and Chuck
Emma, Aaron, Amy, Timothy, David
Ely and Owen
Those attending were: Goldie Indreland, Owen Indreland, Ely Indreland; Donna Chambers; Libby and Charlotte Newman; Travis, Dawn, Riley, Michael, and Autumn Wahl; Heather and  Patrick Stiles; Resena Christopher, Anthony, Samara and Marri; Blondie Rasmussen; Faye and Chuck Gibson; Bill, Lana, Mike and Chris Rankin; Eva Wruck; Aaron, Emma, David, Timothy, and Amy Grigg; John, Tina, Lizzy and James Cheney; TJ, Sara, Hannah, and Troy Bingham; Aaaron, Becca,Hali, Colby and Liam Bell.

Goldie, Lana and Dawn displayed their Christopher photo albums.  A pedigree chart with Christopher/Olsen families back to the 1700's was hung on the wall for all to see. Heather brought Roy Christopher's Purple Heart Medal that her grandfather Ken(Roy's brother)  had been awarded after World War II.  Dawn brought her computer to show us on, how we are all descendants from Scandinavian Kings!

Pot Luck, wading in the creek,  picture taking and visiting was enjoyed by all.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

ALL CHRISTOPHER/OLSEN FAMILIES INVITED:   Family reunion, Sunday July 8, 2012 at Goldie's place10965 Grant Crek Road

WHEN: ANYTIME BETWEEN 2:00 pm to 10:00
               We'll eat around 4 and have snacks around the campfire.
WHAT:  POT LUCK AND BBQ (bring a dish to share and your own meat to BBQ )      
Paper plates/cutlery, water/lemonade/ soft drinks alcoholic beverages please (family event)
Also bring your family pictures.

Goldie's place is in a spectacular area surrounded by breathtaking tall forest trees,  a sparkling creek running through it, a giant size fire pit with cut stumps for sitting around it, and wilderness hiking trails near by making  this a beautiful panorama to view while enjoying visiting, eating and playing.  Go 5 miles up Grant Creek Road from the freeway, past Snow Bowl Road.  Stay to the right when you come to the fork in the road where the mailboxes are placed.  Watch for balloons at Goldie's place on your left.

Here are some pictures of Goldie's Place..YOU will want to be there!